Greentom loves Planet Earth

Designed for the future in every possible way, Greentom is produced safely and sustainably. We believe less is more. It starts at the drawing table by optimising all product parts. It ends with the most comfortable, sustainable and affordable stroller on earth.

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Pushing forward

Innovation for a new generation. Greentom is different in every detail, (completely) made of recycled plastic, super lightweight. It grows up in 3 phases, following its precious petit passenger. Greentom is able to grow up with its petit passenger. It comes as Carrycot (for newborns), Reversible (for the little curious ones) and Classic (for pre-schoolers). You can use the same frame to turn your Greentom into a next phase stroller.

Dutch Design

Greentom is on a roll. It all started off with Dutch designer Bart Bost, who decided to re-think strolling all over again. Here’s his story on his ’baby’ Greentom.

Over 35000 happy users

Greentom now has over 35000 happy users in more than 35 countries worldwide.
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