Greentom: the re-stroller

Greentom turns the world of strollers up side down. Presenting a new generation of strollers, for a new generation of parents with a new generation of newborns.

Their first investment is one right in the heart of planet earth. Entirely built from natural and recycled sources.

The Greentom stroller is what one might call a ’re-stroller’. It is a stroller re-thought entirely. From top to bottom, from vessel to usage, from petite passenger to proud parent.

greentom upp


Greentom is able to grow up with its petit passenger. It comes as Carrycot (for newborns), Reversible (for the little curious ones) and Classic (for pre-schoolers). You can use the same frame to turn your Greentom into a next phase stroller.

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Easy as 1-2-3

From putting it together to putting it away: Greentom aims to keep it simple. Assembling and folding is child’s play! When folded, your Greentom stroller stands out in compactness. It seamlessly fits into the trunk of a small car.

Fabrics and frames

Pick your fabric and frame, match your colors. Whatever color you pick, your Greentom will be the greenest stroller on planet earth!

Stroll safe and smooth

Safety first. Greentom meets all US safety requirements. And more. From safety harness to beltpads to one-step-break. The Greentom stroller is light and sturdy at the same time. The frame is made from recycled polypropene: superstrong, elastic, resilient fibre that makes it stroll around bumplessly! With double ball-bearing shock-absorbing wheels, you’ll be maneuverable as modern city life requires. Oh and we have actually made room for your walking legs between the back wheels. No bruises for you, how’s that?